A form of semi-permanent tattoo where we create hair-like strokes to create a fuller defined brow. We offer first time sessions, touch ups, and corrections. (Lasts 2-3 years)


Threading is a precise hair removal process best suited for grooming the eyebrows and the face areas such as upper lip, chin, etc. (Lasts 2-4 weeks)


We offer various facials to suit all different skin types. Our treatments include extractions, microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, peels, masks, and more.


We offer event makeup application services ranging from natural glam, soft glam, party and bridal makeup.


A hair removal process that pulls the hair from the root using the wax, best suited for full body and face. We use various waxes such as hard wax, elastic hard wax, soft wax, sugaring all depending on the body part and clients preferences. (Lasts 3-5 weeks)


Henna is a form oftemporary body art resulting from the staining of the skin from the natural dyes.


Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows.


Eyelash extensions are cosmetic applications that enhance the length, curl, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes.

Eyebrow grooming

  • Eyebrow threading or waxing$14
  • Eyebrow tint$30
  • Eyebrow threading or waxing & tint$40
  • Eyebrow threading or wax+brow tint + lash tint$80
  • Eyebrow lamination, tint & threading or wax & trim$150
  • Eyebrow threading or wax & upperlip$21
  • Eyebrow threading or wax & upperlip + lowerlip$25


  • Microblading consultation$25
  • Microblading$400
  • Microblading 1st Touch Up 4-6 Weeks$200
  • Microblading Touch Up 3-6 Months$200
  • Microblading Touch Up 7 Months-1 Year$200
  • Microblading Touch Up 12-18 Months$400
  • Microblading Touch Up 18 Months+$400

Eyelash Extensions

  • Classic full set$130
  • Classic 1 week refill$55
  • Classic 2 week refill$65
  • Classic 3 week refill$75
  • Hybrid full set$140
  • Hybrid 1 week refill$65
  • Hybrid 2 week refill$75
  • Hybrid 3 week refill$85
  • Volume full set$160
  • Volume 1 week refill$75
  • Volume 2 week refill$85
  • Volume 3 week refill$95
  • Extensions removal$40

Lash lifts/tint

  • Keratin lash lift (includes tint)$120
  • Lash tinting$30


  • Root touch up$50
  • Blow Dry$40

Make up

  • Makeup LessonsVaries
  • Event MakeupVaries
  • Bridal makeup party makeupVaries


  • Henna tattooVaries


  • Acne facial$75
  • Dermaplane Facial$99
  • Deep cleaning facial$85
  • Express Elite Facial$45
  • Gold facial (Indian)$85
  • Elite Facial$75
  • Herbal facial$65
  • Signature Facial$79
  • Teen Facial$45
  • Face Darmaplane$55
  • Express facial & led light therapy session$80
  • led light therapy session(20 min)$30
  • led light therapy session(30 min)$50

Facial thread/wax

  • Uper lip threading or waxing$7
  • Forehead threading or waxing$7
  • Side burn threading or waxing$15
  • Chin threading or waxing$10
  • Eyebrow threading or wax + lip + chin$30
  • Full face threading or waxing$40

Body wax

  • Under arm wax$20
  • Half leg wax$35
  • Full leg wax$50
  • Brazilian wax ( front & back )$65
  • Bikini line wax$20
  • Deep bikini wax$40
  • Full hand wax$40
  • Half hand wax$30
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